From Humble Beginnings

Our commitment to excellence and our dedication to our customers has helped us to build a thriving business and a proud family legacy. We invite you to learn more about our story and to visit one of the locations that have made the Georgoudis family a beloved part of the community.


From Our Family to Yours!

The Georgoudis family has a rich and fascinating history that spans several generations. After immigrating to Canada, the Georgoudis family faced many challenges as they worked to build a new life in their adopted country. Despite these challenges, the Georgoudis family persevered and went on to achieve many milestones. Below are just of some of the important events of the Georgoudis family following their immigration to Canada.


Immigrating into Canada in the late '50s and '60s, our uncles & fathers worked as janitors at CN Rail and Dunkin’ Donuts until they all decided to pull their funds together and open a donut shop in the 60s. Costa left in 1969 and opened the first Vito’s in Moncton that same year.


Vito’s Saint John opened on April 1st, 1972 at 69 Russell Street with a small menu consisting of pizza, lasagna, and spaghetti. Vitos became an instant hit with the locals. Today the same recipes are used under the direct eye and care of the original brothers with the second generation of the Georgoudis family now watching over the family business.

Rising With The Community

Brothers Nick and Peter won both the Allan Cup in 1992 as owners of the Saint John Vito’s, and then the Calder Cup in 2001 as the Saint John Flames. Nick and Peter are the only owners to possess both of these rings.

A Fitting Tribute

Our new mission is to use the Georgoudis name as a sense of pride, and by staying true to the original family recipes we pay a fitting tribute to our uncles & fathers: Costa, Peter, Nick and Demetri Georgoudis.

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